Furniture Cleaning Manhattan

Are you planning to move to your old furnished house in Manhattan? But before you move in, you might need to dust the entire place, remove all the dust that might have gathered over the years, not just from the floors or walls but also from inside the closed cabinets and wardrobes. Whether it is the walk-in closet or whether it is the overhead cabinet or loft, you might need to remove all the dust. Even tables, chairs, loveseats and ottoman and of course, the more commonly loved armchair might be sending out puffs of dust smoke every time you pat it. So, call us if you are in zip code of 10024 or in any of the area codes of 212, 646, 718, or 917. We, from Furniture Cleaning Manhattan are experts in removing dust and grime from all residential and commercial centers in and around Manhattan. Our services have impressed clients for the last twenty years and counting.



We, from Furniture Cleaning Manhattan have got the tools and other equipment to ensure that your furniture is clean, without any trace of stain or odor in it. Many people might be afraid of cleaning glass topped tables or glass doors of the bookshelves just because they fear hurting themselves in the process. We, from Furniture Cleaning Manhattan are experienced cleaners and therefore, no work is too difficult for us.

We shall firstly treat on tough stains and odor from all the seats and chairs and cushion padding. Then we do deep cleaning using steam that would not just remove the hard stains and odor and even the germs that are hard to remove with regular wash. Lastly using speed drying method, the furniture pieces are dried giving it a new lease of life.

Call us at our helpline for any emergency service of cleaning your furniture ahead of any party or sale.

December 2019