Rug Cleaning Manhattan

Do you feel your precious rug has become frayed and dull in a few months of washing it? To start with, you must not be using any detergent or the DIY rug cleaning kit on your valued rug. If your toddler is getting rashes while lying on the rug, then it is time you call us. Do not worry even if you have wall-to-wall rugs installed in your home. We, from Rug cleaning Manhattan would make sure that you get your rugs totally cleaned inside out and even disinfected. Our process of cleaning is detailed and we also offer speed-drying method, which has been proved helpful for water damaged rugs.

rug cleaning manhattan

Our effective rug cleaning service:

We, from Rug cleaning Manhattan have been around for a long time and our service is very specialized. We will make sure that we understand the exact reason and identify the quality of the rug. If you have dhurries, or Morroccan rugs, or Turkish rugs, or even Oriental rugs then surely you have to understand that, these area rugs should not be washed like your pair of old jeans. The threads of the rugs are delicate and even hand woven and therefore, it should be washed by our formulated shampoos. These shampoos are made keeping the ph-balance in mind. So, while we remove the stains, odor, insects, and germs from the rugs, the color, and texture would remain as it is.

Rug restoration and repair:

We, from Rug cleaning Manhattan are known for restoring rugs that are damaged due to use and previous washes and even water-damaged rugs. Frayed edges of rugs would also be repaired with ease by us. Call us for rug cleaning Manhattan if you are in or around zip code of 10043 and area code of 212 and get the first time rug cleaning service at great discounts right now!

December 2019